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WE Live In The Desert But…

cold-pet-and-ownerWinter Safety Tips

Yes, it gets cold in the winter even in Las Vegas. Temperatures in Clark County can dip to near freezing or below. Although we are in the desert we should dress warmly, winterize our homes and protect pets and plants. Temperatures of 32 degree or below can cause frostbite and hypothermia. During these cold conditions, pipes can freeze and burst, and vegetation become damaged. Additionally, stay alert to changing weather conditions when traveling out of the area even on short road trips. Here are a few other items to consider as we go into the Winter months.

Exposed pipes should be insulated during freezing conditions. They can be wrapped in insulation or layers of newspaper and covered with plastic to keep moisture out. If you have a pool run the water circulation system to your pool to prevent pipes from freezing.

Be safe when heating your home. When using space heaters to provide additional warmth be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Unplug when not in use and stay away from using extension cords. Only use your house appliances for their intended purpose. Don’t use stoves, ovens or clothes dryers to heat your home.

Take care of you and your pets. Dress to stay warm and dry. It’s best to dress in layered loose-fitting lightweight clothes. At the first sign of frostbite or hypothermia seek medical attention immediately. The symptoms for frostbite can include numbness and white or pale hands and feet. Slurred speech, uncontrolled shivering, drowsiness and exhaustion could be signs of hypothermia. Bathe your pet as little as possible during cold spells and cold weather to prevent removing essential oils and don’t shave them down. A good rule of thumb is if it’s too cold for you outside it probably is too cold for your indoor pets as well.

The winter months can be fun especially during the Holiday season. Keep them safe and happy by staying aware. For additional information visit the following links

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