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Back to School…Back to Reality

School starts here in Clark County on Aug. 13th.  Don’t forget to slow down for the school zones as there are a few new signs around town that show your speed when driving by the schools.  You also want to be more aware of your surroundings as excited parents and kids will be on the streets. 

At this time, I can’t help but reflect on all the swimming I enjoyed this summer, the family road trips and memories made.  Now is a good time to sit down with your kids or by yourself and write down your favorite memories from the Summer of 2018.  As I am getting older I realize the extreme value of the written word to help bring my memories back to the forefront.  If writing isn’t your thing you can take those pictures you took with your phone and make a cute picture book.  I have used Chatbooks, but there are a few companies out there that will transfer the photos from your phone and turn them into printed picture books for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Enjoy the last few days of summer before the kids head off.  As always, The McKenna Team is here to help you, if you would like to make new memories in a new home please feel free to reach out to us.


Pogo Pass, is it worth the money?

Pogo Pass, is it worth the money?

Summer is heating up and ideas for actives to do as a family are getting tougher.   If you are like me, you have already seen all the summer blockbusters just to relax in the theater’s air conditioning.  Still I have kids needing something to do that won’t cost me an arm and a leg.  Pogo Pass is the answer!  Get you and the family a Pogo Pass!  Enjoy some quality family time in the a/c or the outdoors, whichever you prefer.  Pogo Pass provides 12 months of access to the entertainment venues, so you can spread the fun throughout the year.

This pass is good for admission to all the following events and venues:

  • One visit to Cowabunga Bay
  • One visit to Springs Preserve
  • Two Las Vegas 51’s games
  • Two visits to Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix
  • One visit to the Discovery Children’s Museum
  • One visit to BattleBlast Laser Tag
  • One visit to Get Air Trampoline Park
  • One visit to Bouncy World Indoor Bounce Playland
  • One visit to the Lion Habitat Ranch
  • Six visits to Nevada Climbing Centers for indoor rock climbing
  • One visit per month to The Orleans Bowling Center
  • One visit per month to Sam’s Town Bowling Center
  • One visit per month to Gold Coast Bowling Center
  • One visit per month to Suncoast Bowling Center
  • One visit to The Rex Center
  • One visit to Kids Tyme
  • One show to the Dome at Container Park
  • One visit to Glow Zone

For a limited time, you can get it for $39.98 a person on GROUPON or go straight to their site and get it for $99.95.

The McKenna Team hopes you have an enjoyable summer!

Interstate 11 Update

Las Vegas and Phoenix are the only two cities in the nation with populations more than one million people that are not currently linked by an interstate. Once constructed, the first phase of Interstate 11 will relieve congestion, improve safety and enhance travel and commerce between Arizona and Nevada. Construction of the project will create and estimated 4,000 direct and indirect and induced jobs in the region.

The Project accomplishes major feats in (1) constructing a scenic view parking area within the Eldorado Mountains overlooking Lake Mead (2) constructing a railroad bridge that reconnects a railway that was severed between Las Vegas and Boulder City (3) connecting two major bicycling routes between City of Henderson and the River Mountain Loop Trail and (4) constructing wildlife crossing to protect the big horn sheep.

The steel decorative sculptures attached to a 1,200-foot-long retaining wall on the south side of I-11 pay tribute to the workers and equipment used during the construction of Hoover Dam between 1931 and 1936. The design was decided upon following numerous public meetings involving nearby residents and stakeholders.

Fireworks and Your Pet

It’s almost that time of year again when we will be celebrating our independence! The 4th of July can be an evening of fun and laughter,

 but for some pets it can be a terrifying experience. Here are some tips to follow if your pet gets scared when the fireworks start going off:

• Take your dog for a long walk the day of the fireworks. They will have less energy to be
anxious or excited.
• Make a safe space inside your home away from large windows. Maybe play music to dim
the noise of the fireworks.
• Distract your pet with toys or treats during the fireworks display.
• If the pet must be outside, make sure all gates are secure and locked.
• In the event your pet does run away, always make sure they have a tag and/or microchip.


By following these tips, even our furry
family members can have a safe and fun
4th of July!



We C.A.R.E. about the homeless

Las Vegas is a big and beautiful city full of wonderful people and amazing energy.  Unfortunately  we also have a homeless community right here in our city that is in need of our help. To that end, the McKenna Team works directly with a non-profit organization called C.A.R.E. (Critical Assistance Relief Effort) that is working to get rid of homelessness by helping the homeless find jobs. The C.A.R.E. complex, on Foremaster Ln. between Main and LV Blvd.,  offers many resources for the homeless community, including computer terminals they can use to apply for jobs, assistance in creating resumes, providing clothes to wear for interviews and bus passes to get to those interviews. They are striving to eliminate the homeless population. If you would like to become involved the C.A.R.E. complex  would greatly appreciate anything you can do. They accept donations of clothes, hygiene products and bottle water among other items. Financial donations are certainly welcome as well. You can also volunteer at the C.A.R.E. complex. Please visit their website at

By working together to eliminate homelessness we can make Las Vegas an even better place to live.

Short List

Do you have a bucket list?  (Visit the Eiffel Tower. Walk on the Great Wall of China. Go on an African Safari.  Take a trip around the world.  Run a 100-mile marathon.  Write a mystery novel.)

Whether you have a neatly organized written list, or just some vague goals in your head – most of us have something they would like to do “someday”.

While you’re building that list of things to do in the unknown future, take time to make a “short-list” and actively work to accomplish something on it every day.

Do you have some trails up at Red Rock or Mt Charleston that have been calling your name, and you keep meaning to go one of these mornings?

Do you have a special dessert, main dish, salad, soup or appetizer your hidden culinary self has been aching to try?

What about that visit to the MOB Museum or Ethel M Gardens or the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay you have been meaning to take?

Have you seen some interesting clothes on people you passed by and wondered how they would look on you?  Take 30 minutes out of your lunch break and go try them on!  There is a chance you will hate how some of it looks and feels but you may also find some fun additions to your wardrobe.

You know you can complete your short-list of “must do” items for your daily job.  Now work on your personal short-list and see how much fun and satisfaction you can add to your life way before you ever complete your bucket list!

Our (Golden) Knights in Shining Armor!

A national team in Las Vegas? Ice hockey in the desert?? Say What? Some of us thought the same when hearing that we would now have a local team. But over the past 6 months the Las Vegas Valley has been obsessed with Hockey!! The Vegas Golden Knights proved that teamwork, passion and new beginnings can lead to prosperity and success. Out of 32 NFL teams, 30 NBA teams, 31 NHL teams (and so on), Never has a professional team accomplished what the Golden Knights have accomplished. This year they made history and played like warriors!! They didn’t receive the win we all wanted, but they proved that doubt can translate into HOPE. The City of Las Vegas had a tough year, but with the Golden Knights we know now that the impossible is possible and giving up is never an option (even when you’re expected to fail)!! Vegas is considered the city of sin but next year will be the city of WINS. Thank you Golden Knights for an amazing season! The Mckenna Team and McKenna Property Management have learned and conquered like the Golden Knights as a company. We have always strived for greatness as a team. We can relate and understand how different a community can be, but together we can be winners for our past, current and future clients. We will forever yell “Go Knights Go”! It’s all about the spirit of Vegas! ps: we hear that the HOAs are ok with Golden Knights flags in the front lawn for now… but you didn’t hear that from us! 🤫😉 #vegasstrong #goknightsgo #grateful

Come Fly with Me!


Summer is upon us. School is out. Temperatures are heating up and the beach and mountains are calling. Time to plan your next weekend getaway or family trip. Once you have picked the

destination it will be time to book a flight. Today’s BLOG will be about Flying in and out of Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, or for all of you savvy travelers out there, LAS.

All of the major US carriers fly in to Las Vegas. United, Delta and American etc.…

There is also a long list of International carriers that fly directly in to McCarran. Virgin Atlantic has direct flights to both Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London. Swissair flies directly to Zurich.  You can get direct flights to Mexico and South America. There are also direct flights to Asia from Las Vegas.

There are some airlines that don’t show up when searching flights in 3rd party web sites like Travelocity and Hotwire. Make sure you don’t limit yourself to only the results that show up on those websites.

Every airline has it’s own website so make sure and investigate prices there as well. And, when planning travel to and from Las Vegas make sure you check out Southwest Airlines at

Southwest flies practically everywhere in the country and even has flights to Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. On Southwest, your first two checked bags are free, unlike most airlines, and they have daily flights to and from more locations than any other airline flying in to Las Vegas.

Bottom line, take some time to book your flights and look at all of your options.

Have a safe trip and enjoy!


Temperatures Are On The Rise – Stay Hydrated!

The temperatures are on the RISE!!

With summer fast approaching I know we are all concerned about how to stay hydrated.  I have found a few tricks that make getting my water intake easy and keep me going back for more.

  1. I use a water bottle with a straw. I find with having the straw over just a normal bottle I drink more water and go back for more water more often.
  2. Add some fun fruit to flavor the water. I like to have the fruit to help break up boredom of drinking just plain water all day.
  3. Eat my water. I bring watermelon celery, grapes, strawberries, grapefruit, tomatoes, just to name a few, to work to help add to my water intake while satisfying my appetite.

Remember to stay hydrated through the summer months.  If you need a break from the heat feel free to stop by the McKenna Office and we can talk about the HOT real estate market and the RISING prices!


Life Is Beautiful


EDC just came to town and brought in people from around the world to see all the amazing artists. It may not be the most convenient thing for locals like ourselves, but it sure brings in great business for our city. And EDC is just the beginning.

In September, Vegas is also going to host their annual Life is Beautiful three-day music festival. It is filled with food, artists, musicians, and vendors. This year, the single-day general admission ticket is priced at $135 and a three-day general admission sits at $295.

Some artists that are scheduled to appear are:

  • The Weekend
  • Bastille
  • AJR
  • Tyler the Creator
  • And, of course, multiple others

If you are someone that wants to check a bomb music festival off your list this must be the one you go to. All ages are encouraged to attend and there is so much space and so many stages it will be like you died and went to music Heaven.

Life is Beautiful starts on Friday, September 21st and ends Sunday September 23rd. Buy your tickets now before they sell out, and never forget that Life Truly is Beautiful when you work with The McKenna Team.

For more info, go to: 

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