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Henna Gone Wrong

Hi, this is Irelynn; Team member with McKenna Property Management. This week I had an amazing opportunity to spend some vacation days (Thanks McKenna Property Management for the time off) in San Diego. It was absolutely beautiful. I went to Balboa, Seaport, Downtown, on hiking trails, and ate some fabulous foods. One thing I got to do while I was in Balboa Park was get a Henna tattoo. For anyone who doesn’t know, Henna is an Indian based temporary tattoo that comes from healthy skin dyes. It lasts about two weeks and is beautifully designed.

Well…the person that I went to…needs a little bit more practice. I requested an elephant with its trunk up, and water spraying out of it. I was with my friends and when the final product was done they had to excuse themselves due to the fact that they were laughing so hard.

It was not an elephant and even after the dye set and dried it was still not an elephant.

So here is what I learned- Always go to someone you can rely on and trust. That is why I would always go to McKenna Property Management for all of my housing needs. This tattoo will only last for two weeks but the house you rent will be an extension of you. ALWAYS GO WITH THE BEST!

And just for your laughs here is the final elephant henna tattoo I received.

-Irelynn Z (Team Member)

On behalf of Jenni McKenna

Spring Cleaning Tip – How to reduce/remove dog odors from your home.

We have all walked into a home and known right away a dog is loved there. Here are a few simple steps to help keep the odor at bay of the family pet. Making your home a pleasant place for everyone to visit.

1) Get in a routine of washing/vacuuming the home where the dog lays weekly & up to twice a week if needed. Example: dog beds, covers on couches and carpets.

2) Sprinkle baking soda on the large items that can’t be thrown in the washer letting it sit overnight & vacuuming in the morning. You can also spray the non-washable areas up to 3 times a week with vodka to help eliminate any smells.

3) Air purifiers are a great investment for the room the dog enjoys the most. They can help remove dander & animal allergens which may concerns those who visit the home who have pet allergies.
As always, a good nightly brushing and bathing often will help the dog stay fresh and the home as well.

Don’t forget The McKenna Team can help you find the perfect home for you and your dog. Call us at 702-434-HOME (4663)

March Madness!

March, March, March. What a crazy month you are.  March madness is the nick-name for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but there are so many other things that make March one of the best months of the year.

I can say without hesitation that March is one of the top 12 months in the year. Here are some of the things that make March Magnificent.

  1. Spring Break! College students, and younger students for that matter, have March circled on their calendar. They have been studying like mad since the end of Winter break and cannot wait to let their hair down and cut loose in resort towns all across the world. Stay safe and be responsible.
  2. Basketball and Hockey. The regular seasons of the NBA and the NHL are winding down and play-offs are just around the corner. Teams are jockeying for position to not only reach the play-offs, but to contend for that all elusive NBA Championship and the Stanley Cup trophy. Competition is fierce. March is a great time to watch professional basketball and Hockey.
  3. We’re talking baseball. Baseball players report to spring training at the end of February and early March. Spring training facilities around the country are teeming with excitement over the return of America’s pastime, BASEBALL.  Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack’s and let’s head to the ball park.
  4. The snow starts to melt and the hiking trails are visible again. Time to dust off that walking stick and go for a stroll outdoors.
  5. Spring Fever. Do you feel like a nap during the middle of your work day? Do you gaze outside and wonder what it would be like to be outside, running through the field with you puppy by your side? Make it happen.
  6. And, as mentioned above, March is about MARCH MADNESS. Sharpen up your pencils and fill out your brackets. It’s NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament time. Two years ago Warren Buffet offered $1,000,000,000 to anyone who could fill out a perfect bracket. Count the zeros people. That’s a BILLION dollars. In case you didn’t hear, no one picked a perfect bracket. What will he offer this year? Will you be in the running?
  7. And finally, March is a great month to put house on the market for sale. The school year will be ending soon and families will be looking to move-up in home size and secure a home in the school zone they desire.

Call us today and we can discuss your real estate needs. 702-434-4663.

Let’s work together to make this a Crazy, Crazy March.

Tickets on Sale Now!

Something you guys may not know about me is that I am a huge entertainment nut. From music, to movies, to plays I live and breathe performing arts. That is why I was so excited when the Smith Center released its 2018 Season for all the shows that will be making a pit stop in Vegas. This year is going to be one for the books with ten amazing shows that have been rewarded with countless Tony Awards. This year the season will be:

  • School of Rock
  • On Your Feet
  • Waitress
  • The Lion King
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • Come from Away
  • Hello Dolly
  • The Play that Goes Wrong
  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I know right! It’s going to be wild! You can buy all of these shows in a season ticket pass or you can buy them individually in case only one speaks to you. Treat your date to a night on the town with a dinner on the strip and a remarkable show performed by top notch actors and actresses. Be sure to hop on this amazing opportunity before tickets sell out.  Also be sure to hop on over to McKenna Property Management with any questions or requests you may have with buying, selling, or renting your property.

Run! Run! Run!

One of my all-time favorite ways to exercise is by running. I have done everything from a 5K to a 50 miler. I even found some of my favorite running buddies in my office. I myself know how hard it can be to find fun races near me so I can keep up with my training. That’s why I thought I would share this neat little trick with you today. It is my go to website for all of my races that I enroll in. The online address is:

It is an amazing website where you can put in your state, tell it how many miles you want to run, and then it will show you countless options in your area. There’s a pie day run, and escape from prison one, and even a forest challenge one.

This website just scratches the surface of races available but it is an amazing way for you to either get started with your 2018 goals or keep up with your workouts. Some of the McKenna Team employees might be running right next to you.

MoviePass…. It’s not a scam, just a great deal!!

When thinking about date night the first thing you think of is dinner and a movie, but movies have been put on the side burner because of how crazy the prices can be. Ten dollars per ticket plus the concessions can really add up, hence why people try to find more affordable deals. That is where MoviePass comes into play.

MoviePass is a third party that you pay $9.99 a month to and in return you get unlimited movies for the whole month. Each membership is good for one person to see one standard 2D movie a day. Some theatres don’t work with MoviePass, but don’t let that discourage you, because companies such as AMC, Cinemark, and Regal are all affiliated with MoviePass.

All you need to do is:

  • Download the MoviePass app
  • Give them your information, and they will send you a membership card.

Then when you want to go to the movies:

  • Check into your movie once you are within 100 yards,
  • Pay using the membership card
  • And boom date night is done.

Many are thinking, that is too good to be true, but I promise you it is. I myself have been a member since 2018 and have seen more movies in the past month then I did in all of 2017.

BONUS: with all the spare change you get from this great deal you can work with hand in hand with us to start investing in real estate.

The perfect storm!

The perfect time to sell your home.


One definition of a “perfect storm” is  an event in which a rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the event

It is our suspicion that we will be experiencing just such an event this spring in the Las Vegas Valley. Of course we are not talking about an actual storm. The climate is far too wonderful here for us to expect an actual storm. We are talking about the combination of circumstances that will lead to this spring being a perfect time to sell your property here in the Las Vegas Valley.

Here are the circumstances:

  1. Continued historic low housing inventory throughout the valley.
  2. Continued low interest rates with the concern that they will rise soon
  3. April and May are traditionally very active months in the housing industry

Take these three circumstances and sprinkle in the fact that the economy seems to be very robust right now in the United States and Nevada, and we are looking at the spring of 2018 being a time that people will talk about in the future as they celebrate selling their property at a high price and in a  short period of time. Seller’s are already receiving multiple offers. Prices have continued to rise.

Baton down the hatches. This spring promises to be a wild ride in the local real estate market.


Everyone knows what the first Sunday of February means. Super bowl Sunday! Even if you are not a sports fan there is always something to love. Whether it’s the game, the commercials, or the food, Super bowl Sunday brings family and friends together.

If anyone here missed the 52nd Super bowl here is a short recap of the night:

The Eagles played the Patriots for that glorious trophy. Eagles started off on top scoring nine in the first quarter.  It looked like the Patriots may have been making a comeback in the third quarter, right after Justin Timberlake’s halftime show, with two touchdowns but it wasn’t enough. The Eagles won 41-33.

On top of that the commercials aired were funny, light-hearted, and overall enjoyable. One thing we don’t get to see every year are Winter Olympic commercials. Since the Olympics will be kicking off on February 7th, there were a lot of Olympic advertisements during the game.

It’s a sad day when the football season ends but there is so much to look forward to. Baseball season is going to start up real soon and we have all the way until the 25th of February to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

And be sure to remember that if you ever need any help with your rental, the McKenna Team is sure to deliver a touchdown every time.

Stay Safe Friends

I was on Facebook the other day and saw the below list in my news feed.  I thought it was a great reminder on what we should be doing to stay safe in our homes.

Here are some basic Home Security Tips!

5 Things to Know About Home Security

  • Deadbolts and doors Matter. Forcible entry can be deterred by having a deadbolt with at least a 1” throw bolt and solid wood, metal or security door
  • Glass is vulnerable. Reinforce with security laminates and avoid having door locks near windows.
  • Create the look of occupancy. Use timed lights, radios, and things that appear as if you are home. Consider alarm /video.
  • What do you own? Create and maintain a Home Content Inventory list. Know what you own and be able to identify it.
  • Pay attention. Listen and look.  Be aware of area activity. Write things down or take pictures, if safe to do so. Report suspicious activity/people.

Don’t forget if you want to upgrade your home The McKenna Team is here to help you find the perfect home.  Call us at 702-434-HOME (4663)

Never Fear Lunchtime is Here

Las Vegas and Henderson is well known for is five star restaurants and amazing meals. No one can deny that we are far superior because we have In-and-Out and Dutch Bros. Coffee. A new restaurant made it to the foodie scene in August 2017 right on Rainbow. It’s called Cheba Hut, a delicious food store all about sandwiches. Cheba Hut is located in only seven states.

My definition of Cheba Hut would be Firehouse Subs, but ten times better. It is my definite lunch food. It has a very unique theme that you won’t find in another restaurant, with friendly staff and multiple options to choose from. If you have a chance to swing by my personal favorite is the White Widow. It’s their Chicken sandwich with their homemade ranch dressing and topped with all the works. Absolutely to die for.

Check the online site today and see if the house you rent from McKenna Property Management is close enough for delivery.

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