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All in a Vegas Summer

It was a pretty mild summer until July hit.  With the hotter days and longer nights there is so much you can do in Las Vegas – paddle boarding on Lake Las Vegas, enjoy a movie in the park, hike Mt Charleston, break ground on a new Google Building.  That’s right!  Google broke ground on their new $600-million -dollar investment located in Henderson on July 1st. This investment will create more jobs & in turn it will help the real estate market with the added job growth.  Thank you, Google, for coming to town and investing in Henderson!  For more information on the facility click here .



As always, The McKenna Team is here to talk about anything affecting the Las Vegas market.  Reach out to us for all questions 702-434-HOME.

Visit Lake Tahoe

Visit Lake Tahoe – One of the prettiest places on earth.

One of the most beautiful places in the world is right here in our state. (well, half of it is in our state)

Just a short drive north on Highway 95 is Amazing Lake Tahoe. Ok, not so short a drive. It will take you about 7 and a half hours to get to Lake Tahoe. It is not the most exciting drive through Goldfield, Tonopah, Hawthorne and Yerrington. But the pay-off is worth it.

Lake Tahoe offers breath taking views of the surrounding Mountains along with every watersport you could think of. Take a kayak out for the afternoon or rent a speedboat and tour the entire lake. You could also rent a bike and ride the bike path up the Truckee River from Tahoe City. Or better yet, bike the new path that runs from Incline Village to Sand Harbor Beach, arguably the most picturesque bike path in America. Head south along the lake to Emerald Bay and hike down to Vikingsholm and take a dip in the coldest part of the lake.

Continue south to explore south Lake Tahoe with it’s casinos and Heavenly views.

Are you looking to get out of the heat this summer? Load the family in the car and head North. North to Tahoe.


Starting the Summer off with a PARTY!!

We held a wonderful client appreciation night in May.  We invited past/present clients to enjoy the new

Aladdin movie, on us!  They also received some money towards their concessions.  Fun times were had by all that attended.  It was a great event and we enjoyed seeing some of our favorite people outside of the office.

If you would like to know how to get invited to one of these fun client appreciation events, reach out to us and we can let you know how to join our exclusive list of happy clients.

As always, The McKenna Team is here to help with all your real estate needs. 702-434-HOME (4663)


Did you know, as a Keller Williams Agent, we can now help you save more money when looking to purchase a home? Yes, it’s true!  Keller Williams Realty has come out with a Lender partner, Keller Mortgage.  Keller Mortgage can save you thousands in lender fees when purchasing your next home.  One program they offer is a ZeroPlus Loan.


The ZeroPlus Loan.

  • Zero Origination Fee
  • Zero Processing Fee
  • Zero Underwriting Fee
  • Low Rates
  • $1000 closing credit toward 3rd party Costs
  • (Loan amount must be at least $150,000)
  • Exclusive to Keller Williams Transactions

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Opening Day!

We’re Talking Baseball……

Click below to hear this classic baseball tune.


Opening Day for Major League Baseball is March 28th.

What does that mean? It means that SPRING is here. The season has changed. Temperatures will be rising and Saturdays in the park will become a bigger part of our routine.

Baseball is America’s pastime and this time of the year is exciting on many levels. School will be out in a couple of months and flowers are starting to bloom. And Baseball is back! Spring training is over and the CRACK of the bat can be heard around major league ballparks throughout the country. A cold beer and a bag of peanuts. A large coke with a hot dog and a box of Cracker Jacks make us think of the 7th inning stretch and singing “Take me out to the ball game”

Don’t forget that we have our own professional baseball team here in the Las Vegas Valley. The Las Vegas Aviators will start play at the brand new Las Vegas Ballpark on April 9th as they welcome the Sacramento River Cats.

This is an exciting time for Las Vegas and The Aviators.

Check out the Las Vegas Aviators web site for more information.


See you at the Ballpark!

The 5th Season…Tax Season

We all know Spring, Autumn, Fall and Winter but let us not forget Tax Season.   The season that comes in the spring and for some leaves in the fall.  See photo for filing changes this year.

April 17th is the due date for returns or filing an extension.

Don’t forget we have specialist for buying real estate, selling real estate and investing in real estate.  We also have McKenna Property Management for managing your real estate portfolio.

Call us for all your Real Estate needs 702-434-HOME (4663).

Henderson is creating JOBS!

Located in Henderson since the 80’s The McKenna Team has been around to see the growth of the city of Henderson.  Debra March, the mayor of Henderson, mentioned this week, on national news, that there are jobs being created in Henderson bringing opportunity to the city and bringing people from other parts of the country to Henderson, in a rapid pace.  Google is putting $600 million into Henderson over the next 20 years, Lhoist Automation is opening a factory in Henderson with 2,500 new job opportunities.  The Raiders are building a practice field and Headquarters in Henderson.  All bringing jobs for the construction and many other jobs after they are opened.  With the cost for an 1800 sq. ft. single family home averaging $336,000 in Henderson compared to $786,000 in LA and $1.7 million in San Francisco, no wonder Henderson is a top pick to move to and purchase a home.

Don’t forget all the parks and walking trails that are located throughout the city.  Not to mention, NO state income tax!  All of which make Henderson a great place to call home.

Carolyn or Max would love to help you find your Henderson Dream Home.  Call The McKenna Team today 702-434-HOME (4663)


Happy New Year!!

The new year is starting to settle in and as I get back to work after the Holidays, I usually find my good intentions for the new year going out the window.  Well not this year! So far, I have been able to stay

on track for the resolutions I have set.  I made them easier to manage this year by cutting them down

into smaller goals and utilizing the entire year to accomplish them.  I have set SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based.  Example – I want to organize and declutter my entire house by the end of 2019.  I cut it down to one shelf/drawer a day in a specific room a month.  This makes it more manageable and when I finish one drawer/shelf, I can stop without feeling guilty or overwhelmed that the entire room isn’t taken care of.  It’s also making it easier for me to start as it doesn’t seem like a huge, unmanageable task.  I also have another goal of reading instead of watching TV.  I cut it down to just 30 mins a night.  Again, manageable for me and once I start, I usually read longer and don’t turn on the TV.  Same with exercising and eating right.  Just adding one small change a day/week I have seen a larger change come from it.  Last thing I found to help keep me on track is an app  called HabitShare.  You can add your goal and track each day you accomplish your smaller goals to get you to the larger one.  You can set reminders for them as well.  A few times already it has gotten me out of bed to do my small exercise routine and has remined me to drink more water.

Let us know what helps keep you on track with your goals.

If your goal is to work with the best Real Estate Team in Las Vegas, Call us!

The McKenna Team is here to help 702-434-HOME.

Coyote Safety

Coyotes are being seen around the valley in the early morning and evenings. I have see them on my morning runs near the Pittman Wash and in Anthem. Now I hear them at night and have heard they have been seen in the Northwest valley. There are a few things you can do to keep you and your pets safe:

  • Don’t let your pets run free outdoors without a leash or supervision.
  • Never feed a coyote.
  • Turn on lights before going out in a yard at night.
  • If you encounter a coyote, make a lot of noise and wave your hands to make yourself look larger.

Note where you are when you encounter a coyote. See if there is anything around the area that brought the coyote there such as open trash cans, fallen fruit or other wild life.
Be safe and enjoy the cooler weather. If you do go out carry a whistle for coyote safety and personal safety.
As always, The McKenna Team is here for all your real estate questions. 702-434-HOME.


Be Kind!

In my 52 years on this beautiful earth I have seen a lot of things, met a lot people and had many amazing experiences. I have traveled the world and seen extraordinary cultures and felt the love and kindness of a wide array of people. Of course I have also had the opportunity to meet some people that are not so kind and not so pleasant. I cannot deny that there are some people who are just angry and bitter all the time and pass those negative emotions on to those they come in contact with, or at least they try to.

That leads me to the main point of my blog today. BE KIND-ALWAYS-NO MATTER WHAT-BE KIND-EVERYDAY-IN EVERY WAY.

There is no substitution for kindness. When someone is being unpleasant, ornery, bitter, angry or mean, do what my Grandmother and my Mother always taught me, kill them with kindness. Kindness always wins. No matter what. Take a moment during this holiday season to go out of your way to be kind to someone. It can be someone you know or even a stranger. Buy them a Starbucks, give them a hug, offer to assist them in some small way. Even a quick smile can be a big enough gesture of kindness to lift someone out of bad mood.

Be Kind! Always!

Max Zurflueh

Human Being

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